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Constructing Medieval Furniture A new book by Dan Diehl - Plans and Instructions, with Historical Notes! This book specifically discusses the construction of medieval furniture as found in Castles, Abbeys, and Monasteries. Dan Diehl (aka Captain/Abbot Frederick von Schwartzbourg) has 25 years of experience making cabinetry and working as a restoration Artist. Check you favorite book store to purchase.

The Elizabethan Costuming Page Drea Leeds' excellent website with very detailed instructions, pictures, patterns, links, you name it!

A Medieval Pavilion building project Linked to other pavilion information.

Medieval Pavilion Resources A non commercial site dedicated to the construction and history of tents with links to many other pavilion sites.

Footwear in the Middle Ages - Background & Construction
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Treasures of Charles the V Bibliotheque National Francaise. A wealth of images from many varied sources!

The Mileux With many wonderful links to suppliers!

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