Membership in the GILDED PEARL

The Gilded Pearl is dedicated to the study of the Renaissance Period, specifically to the years and activities of 1450 - 1650. Our primary purpose is to foster this learning and study and support each other as best we can. In the past, every two years, we have held events inspired by Rome in 1510, a day in Her Majesty Elizabeth's Court in 1588, the Court of the Duke of Burgundy in 1450, a festival atmosphere entitled London:1630 - A Day at the Faire and most recently a Celestial Revel.

As a member of this Guild, there are some requirements that you should be willing to fulfill. A link to the Membership Application follows the requirements.


  1. Interest somewhere in the period of c. 1450 - 1650. Although the Society's time period ends at 1600, the Guild will also be studying the impact of the post-Renaissance era throughout the world. This is in no way a support of or promotion for the erosion of the Society's ending period, but rather to have the Guild's study be complete and fairly represented.

  2. Produce a minimum of two projects a year. Projects can be produced by an individual alone or in concert with a group or another individual. All involved in a project will be acknowledged equally. A project does NOT need to be a masterwork. It can be anything you do in the normal course of your exploration into our period: trying a new brewing recipe, a scroll, a new cooking recipe, making a dress, a hat, any accessory, a poem or song you've written or learned to perform, an embroidery project, research done in any area of our period, ... the list goes on and on. Many people are daunted by the idea of "a project" but don't realize that they far exceed 2 projects in a year already.

  3. Teach, publish and/or display projects. The Gilded Pearl promotes the teaching, publishing and displaying of arts and sciences of its period within the Society that each individual Member can be recognized for their work, that the Guild can be recognized for its value, and that the Society may benefit from both. This can be done by teaching classes at events and by sharing knowledge with other guildmembers at an Open Forum (which is a small gathering where we basically show and tell what we've learned). A project needs not be finished to show and talk about at a Forum.

  4. Involvement in local chapters. It is imperative that we, as a group, are responsible for the availability and viability of the Guild. This means bringing projects to Open Forums and being responsible for the way the Guild is represented. It is also helpful for members to encourage friends who show an interest in the Guild and in our period of study since many people have a mistaken impression that we are an exclusive "club". We are not. As the Guild grows in its membership, we all benefit from the wealth of the diversity of talents we gather.

  5. As a body of Members, host one event every 18 to 24 months. The exact year to be represented within the period to be determined by the Guild Members. In order to demonstrate the Guild's work and to benefit the Society, the Guild will be responsible for hosting an event at which Guild Members can display all aspects of their study of the Renaissance period. What better way is there to demonstrate the "Glory of the Renaissance"?

  6. Available for Guild Meetings. The location of which is to be determined by the Guild Members and such meetings will be posted in the Pikestaff or each Member will be notified through Council Members. We will also try to have meeting notes posted to this website (in the *Letter from the Guildmistress* section) and encourage regional chapters to meet as well to go over what was discussed at the main meeting for those who were unable to attend.

  7. Subscription fee. At the moment, there is none. The Guild newsletter has been temporarily discontinued though we do hope to resurrect it. At such time, the cost of production and mailings will be calculated and we will all discuss it to determine a reasonable subscription fee. The Guild newsletter will allow Members to publish their findings and share their work with other Guild Members and keep them abreast of the happenings of the Guild. Until such time as this newsletter returns, this work may be published on this website.

Membership Application

Please contact the Guildmistress about where to send your Application.

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