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Smocking Pleater - I have a smocking pleater that I am willing to let people use - I can easily bring it to events with me, but please contact me ahead of time to make sure that I will be at a given event, and so that I can supply instructions on preparing the fabric/garment in person or you can click here to review them online, as there are some things that pleaters are not happy about doing (and they show their displeasure by breaking needles, which the store assures me is normal, like a fuse blowing, but nevertheless very disconcerting, and time-consuming to fix) and I'd like to guard against such things happening, as the needles are a bit expensive. I'd be very happy to have others help me justify the expense of the machine! Smocking is quite easy, and works up very quickly. - Baroness Mistress Dorren of Ashwell
1920's E.E. Gillmore Loom. - 4 hettle, 36.5 inch reed. Heavy duty construction. Folds for storage. Make an offer. - Lady Faoiltighearna Ingean Mhic Ghuarrie
Juan de Alcega's Tailor's Pattern book - A very kind lady has sent me information about this book. Apparently it is back in print, but only in the UK. It is expensive, about $70U.S. (more or less depending on the current exchange) plus shipping, via the Internet Bookshop - . Mistress Annastassja Diaz de León.
Elizabethan style sword hangers, other buckles, findings and buttons - An inexpensive but high quality source for the metal fittings for Elizabethan style sword hangers, other buckles, findings and buttons is: Richard W. Lanni, P.O. Box 4174, DeLand, FL 32723, phone: 904-734-0230. He is a professional jeweler specializing in historical replica castings in brass, bronze, silver and other metals. A complete set of sword hanger fittings including belt sliders, hooks and small buckles costs $47 in brass. An illustrated catalog is available on request.

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