Letter from the Guild Master

5 October 2002

Hello Good Gentles.

It has been some weeks since Pennsic and having been elected to the position to Guildmaster. Many thanks to Lady Andrea for her work and to all of the former Guildmistresses who have preceded her. A special thank you to HRM Isabella II for her beginning vision. To all the Members of the GP who have been supportive in all ways possible of our endeavors--a world of thanks.

To get things started, I would like to ask all members to send a short missive about themselves to this list. If you would include a short bio, any projects you may have been working on recently, and some ideas of what you would like to see from the GP in the future.

Additionally, I would ask ALL gentles to check their info on the Gilded Pearl webpage: http://www.rezonate.com/gpearl/ and notify Mouche, our Webmistress, of corrections needed to be made.

To start things off: Wulstan of Ravenswood - English Tudor gentleman of 1525 (or thereabouts) with a smattering of German & hint of Italian roots.

My primary focus is in Men's Tudor Garb. Additionally, I am rather fond of the history of the entire Tudor period.

Two current projects I have recently been involved with: assorted parts of a Coronation gown, a late period (1600's) men's doublet. I have done a little beading after a long hiatus and am rather excited to begin again.

I have an offer from a dear friend who is interested in making a proper hat for me to wear.

Recently, I commissioned a pair of shoes to be made from the style found in the wreck of the Mary Rose. I am VERY pleased with how they turned out! While bedroom slippers are comfortable, the look of proper shoes just adds to the wonder of the garment.

For the reign of TRM Isabella and Andreas, I plan on doing a lot of travelling. I would like to see if we could get together at various events for a short while to talk over things and meet each other and our interested friends.

I will be attending most Royal Progress events and would like to see if this can be accomplished.

It is my vision to bring as many interested people into the Guild as possible. Please emphasize we are NOT a garb group!!! That may be the most outwardly appearance but we study a two hundred year span of from one of the richest time periods in history! We encompass ALL -- yes ALL -- aspects of the period. Let's get that point across.

I need every one of you to be an ambassador to the Guild and get the word out.

Let us see how we can shine.

In Service,

Wulstan of Ravenswood

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