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4 November 2001

I have just been approached by a non profit group located in the Northpass area... As a result I'd like to set up a "toys for tots" type bin to help them out in collecting Xmas presents for the organization. This group (based out of my new clinic job) provides food, clothes, and general help for the recently immigrated , and the hiv affected families of the lower Hudson Valley. Would you all be amenable to this idea of bringing a new unwrapped toy to the event for donation purposes??

And, since we are asking .....Does anyone have a five cd changing stereo the event we can borrow for the day? I'd like to be able to provide continous music in the background for a medieval feel. Also needed: gold, silver, blue, or white decorations.. not of plastic, or obviously modern mundane origin. Needed as well: PEOPLE to volunteer to help with the decorations, food preperation, and "mini" classes. I had a tentative class on "lace making" and the card game "primero" scheduled. Can these people, and anyone else willing to teach a class that will be well recieved in a intimate gathering of friends, please contact me so I can set it up with Aurora?? And while I am at it.........HAVE YOU SENT IN YOUR RESERVATION YET??? The more reservations sent in , the better the food!!!!

Our event is only six weeks away..... And volunteers are still needed for our event. I thank all those who have volunteered, and plead for more.
So far, I have:
Lady Ana Guzman (Entertainment) (De Vega class) /Ostgardr
Lord Renier (Decorations, Cleanup)/Ostgardr
Lady Brenwen the Faire (Decorations)/Carillion
Lady Godiva (Site tokens)/Whyt Whey
Lady Patricia of Tanglyed Wyldes( Kitchen)/Northpass
Master Richard the Poor (Primero Class)/Northpass
Lady Jacqueline Loisel (Clothing Finishing Class)
Lord Friedrich of Northpass (Kitchen)/Northpass
Lord Thailyn (Kitchen)/Northpass
Lady Sancha (Gate) /Whyt Whey

We still need more assistance!! I have drawn from Ostgardr and the immediate environs, but we still need you the reader to help make this day complete! We need musicians, story tellers........we need light hearted classes......we need help with decorations (they have much planned) I need assistance with kitchen duties. This event is what you make it.......and it will speak of whether, we as a group, are capable of a larger event like the EKU you wished. Please volunteer!!

In October, I began work on a newsletter that I wish to start for the Guild. The first copy will be handed out at our event in December (mailed to those out kingdom). Unfortunately, I have only three contributions to it. (Thanks Ana and Renier!!) I know everyone out there is busy with their projects, but we would be very greatful to here what you are up to!! My email address is deewolff@aol.com, and I'll be very happy with Word or Mac format!!

If you are interested:

The newly-formed Queen Elizabeth I Society will hold its first annual meeting conjointly with the South-Central Renaissance Conference and the Saint Louis University Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies. The meeting is entitled "Exploring the Renaissance 2002: An International Conference," and will be held April 4-6, 2002 in St. Louis. Papers submitted on the subject of Queen Elizabeth I are eligible for inclusion in an upcoming special issue of the SCRC journal, Explorations in Renaissance Culture. Papers are also welcome in other areas of Renaissance studies, including art, history, literature, music, philosophy, science, and theology. Submissions: Papers must be submitted no later than December 31. Send two copies of abstract (100 words) and paper (8-10 pages, reading time 20 minutes) to Donald Stump, Department of English, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO 63103. Email: stump@slu.edu. Phone: (314) 977-3009. Program participants are required to join the SCRC. Inquiries: Please direct questions about registration and local arrangements to David T. Murphy, Director, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO 63103. Email: murphydt@slu.edu. Phone: (314) 977-7180. Information on the conference, its sponsoring organization, and upcoming events is available at www.stedwards.edu/hum/klawitter/scrc.html
James S. Baumlin Department of English Southwest Missouri State University Springfield, MO 65804 Phone (417) 836-6811

CALL FOR PAPERS Renaissance Conference of Southern California Annual Meeting 17-18 May 2002 Huntington Library, San Marino, CA THE RCSC WELCOMES PAPER PROPOSALS ON RENAISSANCE ART, LITERATURE, HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, MUSIC, OR THEATRE. The RCSC Annual Lecture will be presented by Anne Lake Prescott (Professor of English, Barnard College and Editor, Spenser Studies): "Father Time as a Multiculturalist: Calendar and Reform in Renaissance England." Abstracts (500 words maximum) may be submitted either electronically or by surface mail. Conference presentations may not exceed 15 minutes reading time. Individual paper proposals are preferred; session proposals including abstracts for no more than 3 presentations will be considered. The RCSC Board reserves the right, however, to select individual papers from full session proposals in order to meet program needs. Electronic submissions: paste the abstract into the body of an email to: laurel_hendrix@csufresno.edu . Abstracts sent as attached files will not be opened or reviewed. Surface mail submissions: send 4 hard copies to: Professor Laurel L. Hendrix, President, RCSC, Department of English, MS #PB98, California State University, Fresno, 5245 N. Backer Avenue, Fresno, CA 93740-8001. Please include your affiliation and contact information (both surface mail and electronic) in all correspondence. For further conference information and registration materials, visit the RCSC website: www.rcsca.org ABSTRACTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FRIDAY, 1 FEBRUARY 2002

En service pour toujours,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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