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22 June 2001

Well, Pennsic is on our doorstep. I hope that everyone has a good time and returns well and happy!

Renier and I are not attending as we are saving our vacation time for Amsterdam in October (This time our research trip is for Renier (Dutch). Our last trip out was to England for my persona.)

So, is anyone planning to meet out at Pennsic?? Perhaps someone (Catalina??) would like to run a gathering in my name??

Also, I am attending SR Warcamp in Eisental(last weekend in July). Would you like to gather there?

WE have much to discuss.

Renier has been working on the Gilded Pearl Heraldry with Lucia and two SCA Heralds to find something we can officially pass.

Also, at the picnic, we discussed our Winter fundfaising event to be held on December 8 and 9 at the Blue Mountain Lodge in Northpass (East). Many volunteered to help, but more help is needed. The Pikestaff announcement will be going in very soon.

60 people for dinner can be held, only 30 can stay overnight.

This is a try out event to see if we are capable of working together BEFORE we plan EKU. To run an event efficiently you need at least 10 people who give their all. To run an EKU you need at least 20. Since we have not been very cohesive, this event was suggested to see how well we work together, see if we CAN manage an event, and make some money for our Bank Account (currently we don't have enough to put a deposit down on a very big site).

Also, the people who volunteered to help me with the bylaws rewrite should recontact me so we can make arrangements. This rewrite can be done via email or yahoogroups, so you DO NOT have to meet at a physical place.

This also opens it up to our non-Eastern members. To all non-East Kingdom members: I know that the benefits of the Guild are not as good for you due to your distance. Perhaps you may wish to start a chapter of your own?? Please contact me if you are interested. remember the Guild started with very few.....we CAN grow!!

We had a momentum going, things are slowing down again.The moss is accumulating.....let's do something and keep this Guild going!!

En service pour toujours,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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