Letter from the Guild Mistress

Notes from our Most Recent Meeting

20 May 2001

Thank you to all who attended and helped out at the picnic!!

A good time was had by all. We spent the day perusing the (art,costume,cooking, calligraphy, blackwork) books, chatting about our projects, eating fine food, and (at times) making some plans.

A heraldic device was discussed, we will be running several designs past the Heralds to check for conflicts, and, when done, will be passing it on to the general membership for comments on which choice is nicer.

We discussed the "mini" event in December. We are awaiting a date. This event will be our "fund raiser" event for the larger we have hopes in doing next year. We currently have $180 in the bank....not enough to do the event you all envision for the Spring.

I'd like to thank Lord Vincenzo for the Platina cooking demo, the pies, and the music. Lady Aurora and Lord Thomas (and the Canton of Northpass) for providing the shelter, the pies, and the silver service. Thank you to Lady Qutudai for the transportation, the cookies, the heraldic help and the blackwork info. Thank you as well to Lady Jacqueline for the "salad" and the sewing tips, Lady Godiva for the the inspirations for the December event, and the eggs, and Lady Ana for the Bardic Inspirations, the recitations, and the cookies from her Grandmother's recipe.

Especially, Thank you to Lord Renier, who provided the heraldic consult, paid for the event, and is my constant source of encouragement when things slow down in the Guild.

Thank you as well, to those above, who cleaned and put away everything before they left. The Guild is my inspiration to greater things in my quest as an artist. Thank you for letting me share the ride.

En service pour toujours,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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