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23 April 2001

Notes from EK Coronation meeting:

We met at the A&S tables and sat in the middle of the basketball court for our meeting. (Who says we're stuffy.....) 20 people attended.

Yes, there will be an EKU event. Three sites have been found so far in NJ. There is a potential one in CT being looked into as well.

We spoke of what we wanted to do........individuals discussed potential classes that they would like to teach and who would like to work. I will be following up with the EKU minister to alert him of our intentions. It was discussed that perhaps that since the Silver Crescents are planning a service EKU in the near future we might join up with them to provide an arts angle and combine our forces. We have someone checking into this.

The guild picnic was discussed and many offered their talents and possessions to help make it a hit. (May 19)

A possible small event (40-50) in December of this year was offered to us. (Second Saturday) More is being looked into at this time.

An intimate event with the Guild has been proposed. (Sort of the same idea as the picnic, but with an SCA group support and assistance.) A Yule theme was suggested. More to follow.

We also discussed creating a book of ours to prepare for our upcoming EKU and posting it up on the web page. This would be something that we could teach, is near to our own individual research, that we would be willing to share with others. Paper copies will be also available for minimal copying fees.

Some have asked about restarting the paper newsletter. We need to decide if that is what we truly want.

A guild gathering can be done at Crown Tourney (East) in PA (Eisental) next week if the members wish. It will be held at 1pm at my pavilion at the edge of the tourney field. My pavilion is an off white, round, and very tall arming pavilion, trimmed with red edged dags and blue and red quatrefoils. Bring a chair or blanket.

En service pour toujours,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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