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12 April 2001
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Notes from Mudthaw meeting:

We will be having our picnic on May 19th at my home. Directions to follow. Please bring a side dish to share. Period recipes are encouraged, but NOT necessary. This will not be a garbed event. We welcomed several long time members back and gained three new members. Ten people attended. Since we seem to be floundering with naught to do, I suggested that perhaps an event SHOULD be in the future to create cohesiveness. An EKU sponsored by the guild (and a resident group) has been suggested for Spring of 2002. Several members will be looking for appropriate sites in their area. This will be a diverse EKU, which our members may teach what they know best. This way we work together on a project, but we don't need to take on a different persona for a day. We have many teachers and a different interests that are teachable to the general populace.


Good Morn and a fyne day do I, Andrea, bid my fellow colleagues, It would appear that we shall meet upon the day of the Coronation of Hanse and Olivia, in the Barony Beyond the Mountain, dated the twenty first day of Apryll, XXXV.

My correspondence with the Lady Muirne, has benefited us with a place to gather. Therefore, I call out to the members. If you find that you will be in attendance, please seek us out at the display of fine arts immediately after we bid Queen Isabella and King Andreas farewell. I look forward to seeing you all...

I will also be in attendance at the Crown Tourney on the twenty eighth day of Apryll, in the Shire of Eisental, should any wish to gather. You would find me upon the field, awaiting anxiously the news of my champion, but surrounded with the luxuries of home. I would be most amenable to hosting a meeting in my pavilion if the membership wishes to meet upon this day. Your decision awaits.

And, my apologies, recently you may have received a missive of myne bidding to come to a small gathering in the name of the Guild. My apologies if you have received more than one, but I was corrected on the tyme I had noted and I wished to make sure that the correct one was put in its place. I am also asking that if you can possibly respond either with a yea or nay, as I must notify the local merchants of my needs for the gathering as soon as I am able. Your attendance will warrant the use of materials that I have access to, but do not own, and the merchants hear do find themselves stretched to the limit on those fine days of Spring.

And, finally. At our last gathering (On the day the Mud Thawed), several people suggested that they would inquire of a gathering place for our next formal event for the Spring of AS XXVI. May I please hear from these ladies privately on how they are faring??

En service pour toujours,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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