Letter from the Guild Mistress

Notes from our Most Recent Meeting

8 December 2000, AS XXXV

Greetings to all and happy holidays!

At our most recent gathering (and the last of my listening tour), we met in Iron Bog. The meeting was small (5 people). After hearing this at this meeting and others around the East Kingdom, we will now begin the meetings that we all seem to want.

1) At Bellringers on January 27th, Baroness Cynthia du Pre Argent has graciously volunteered to teach us a short demo on hats.

2) At Byzantine Winter games on February 24th, Lady Gwendolen Lambert will talk about customs and manners in period and in the SCA.

3) At Mudthaw in March (if I can contact the autocrat for space), I will talk about The Art of the Renaissance Table (or how to dine splendidly.)

I would love to see something once a month. I will attend if you want to hold a gathering or wish to teach. All you need is a receptive event/autocrat, a space in the corner somewhere, and the desire to help the guild stay alive!

The listening is over........if the Guild is to survive, it is up to you!!

For reference here is my schedule:
01/13 12th Night (no meeting: I am very busy)
01/20 Sated Sultan, Ostgardr, NY
03/10 Mudthaw, Settmour Swamp, NJ
03/17 Celtic Silliness, Ostgardr, NY

Forever in Service,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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