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9 November 2000, AS XXXV

Well...the momentum has slowed down since Pennsic, and the "listening tour" has wound down.

Now, what do you as members want to do next?? The guild can only survive with your input. I can have a couple of meetings and rev you up, but it is now up to you as an individual to keep the flow moving.

What are your plans for the next six months?? Perhaps some would like to get together with others with the same interest?? Perhaps some may work on an event in their area. Perhaps you wish to spend the winter designing your blackwork? Perhaps you have a great idea and need to bounce it off someone who cares?

Well! This is the place for it. As winter approaches, we will not be seeing each other so frequently. But, there are 45 people on this list. And we all meet everyday in your office or home. Let's use this medium to our advantage.

Let's DO something!!!

My plans in the art (other than holding meetings..)

A) I just finished autocrating an EK University using a different method (IT worked) Feel free to ask me about it, if you are thinking of doing one.

B) I am spending this next weekend in the kitchen with my Pelican and his other protege working on cooking a late period feast for Agincourt in Ostgardr that he devised. (TURKEY!!)

C) I am researching and will be teaching a pages cooking and serving class in Carillion on Dec 16, to help them learn how to serve the royalty at their upcoming Bellringers event in 2001.

D) I am also researching later period recipes and sotelty techniques for a presentation at EK 12th night. (This promises to be a LEARNING experience)

E) I am open to ANY cooks gathering within a three hour radius from NYC after said 12th night, and will even host one if need be.(Basically, if you want me to work in YOUR kitchen at your event, I'd be amenable....I REALLY like to cook, and I'd love to have the opportunity to learn from others)

F) And, because I just received my "Queen Elizabeth's Closet Unlock'd" yesterday..I plan to reintroduce myself to my embroidery (it's been a while). I guess I am looking for something to do when I get snowed in up here again.

Note: I am a type A personality in a type B environment. My level of activity is NOT expected from you as members. Tell us what are up to!! We'd all love to hear what everyone is doing, and I'd love to help if you need me!!

For reference here is my schedule:
11/11 Agincourt, Ostgardr, NY
12/02 Yule Revel, Iron Bog, NJ
01/13 12th Night (no meeting: I am very busy)
01/20 Sated Sultan, Ostgardr, NY
03/17 Celtic Silliness, Ostgardr, NY

Forever in Service,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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