Letter from the Guild Mistress

Notes from our Most Recent Meeting

19 September 2000, AS XXXV

Greetings to all of our newest members.This week saw four new additions to the eGroups list.

I am sure the reason it has become so quiet is that we are struggling with our needles and fabric to create fantastic apparel for the upcoming Eastern Coronation. (At least we are in this house: struggling that is.)

The arts exhibit (at coronation) WILL be a go. I have the room (Thank you, Patrick). I have entries promised, and I have people graciously volunteering for watching over the entries. I will have a separate glass cabinet for small objects of value as well. Please feel free to volunteer your time or display your art, I will find room for both.

Now, on to the newsletter.... When do you want to restart it?? We have a small amount in the bank to finance it (at least until we all chip in toward it). I'd like to start it soon, if possible.

For the meeting at Coronation, I have been asked to keep it brief, so expect to be going over these topics. I send them ahead so that you may peruse before the meeting

1) Bylaws: Need a change?? Why?? Why not??
2) Meetings: When? Where?
3) Positions Available: Northern Deputy, Council Members, Recording Secretary
4) What will be our goal THIS YEAR? Next Year? Long term commitment?
5) Newsletter and publicity issues: Pamphlets for newcomers
6) Set up gatherings for creativity
7) What are we up to individually??

See you at Eastern Coronation!!

Forever in Service,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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