Letter from the Guild Mistress

11 September 2000, AS XXXV

Greetings! The informal meeting went well.

We dined on luscious treats provided for us by Lord Vincenzio and Lady Aurora. We had an informal get to know what you feel session.

I placed faces to the names I have been corresponding with and received excellent input on some of the things I wanted.

1. How do you think the guild is going?
2. What would you do to change it?
3. What do you think we need to do to encourage members (new and old)?
4. How do you feel about our event policy?
5. How do you feel about our policies in general?

I decided that since there was a great discussion of the fifth question, we will need to focus on this one.

Some feel that pigeonholing members into two projects a year may stifle creativity and force undue guilt of not being able to finish a project on someone. Perhaps : a project a year? Or a listing of what constitutes a project is necessary?

A formal committee will be created to look over our policies and perhaps rewrite them to our new ideals. I am looking for a committee of six or eight....I have three volunteered already. Please let me know if you are interested.

Also: I'd like to get the "Board" members together soon (after Coronation, please). I can and will travel, so we need to decide where and when. Please also welcome Lady Maddalena Salutati (formerly Gwyneth Greencliff de la Brunefalaise) as our newest council member. I still have three of these positions open, and I welcome your input.

The Gilded Pearl will meet at Coronation while Their (then) Majesties, Andreas and Isabella will sit in state. As we don't have a formal time (nor can I get one) please look for me, or other members for counsel.

The arts table is coming along nicely. We have promise of many artists, and we have had formal volunteering to watch the tables. I will purchasing some white gloves should articles be needed to be touched. I am also providing some clear plastic for those artists that want protection of their works.

We are off on a roll.......everyone has come up to the task at hand. For that and your reinterest in our "dream," I thank you all!!

Forever in Service,

Lady Andrea MacIntyre

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